What a difference a little love and a haircut make. At NEW PAWSibilities adoption days are the best days. They make up for stressing about paying the bills, about not having enough beds, about cleaning up the poop, about people who question why we do what we do the way we do. But what we really love are PAWSitive Endings!

Selena Darrow and her family adopted Sparky almost two months ago. It is fun reading the old bio and then hearing what the new family has to say about their dog. Sometimes I nail it and Sparky seems to be one of those times. Except for DNA.

Dog determining is done in Kentucky before we ever see the dogs. Sometimes we scratch our heads and sometimes we agree. This time all we can say is that the numbers don’t matter because he is perfect. He came to us as a Terrier/Mix and the family just got his DNA results back. He is 25% Miniature Pinscher, 25% Miniature Schnauzer, 12% Basset Hound, 12% American Eskimo, 12% Pomeranian and 12% misc. I guess 12% is Terrier.

“We would love a post about a success story. He loves to go on walks. He is very alert of his surroundings and just stops and stares when he sees birds. He is not a big barker. He goes crazy when we get home and sees us. He likes lying next to us when we are chilling on the couch–belly rub time. He also loves to sit on my daughter’s bed and look outside the window. He has adapted to routine—food in the morning/night and treats when he comes in from outside. We are so blessed to have found him and thank you for rescuing him so he could become a part of our family. We aren’t sure who is luckier- him or us :)” —Selena Darrow

Look at this handsome boy!

The before and after the haircut is stunning. What a beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing the big reveal with us. We wish you years of happiness and joy and lots of treats for your buddy.

Day one photo