May 29th is National Senior Health and Fitness Day and we are getting a head start for a very specific reason.

We choose seniors and other special dogs because we believe they make some of the best companion pets and we want to make sure that everyone who comes to NEW PAWSibilties has a chance to live.

Every other weekend we rescue and transport a selection of dog from our shelter partner in Hazzard, Kentucky. These dogs are sometimes strays or have been surrendered because families can’t afford them or maybe their owners have passed away or moved to assisted living where dogs are not allowed. We usually do not know their stories but we know they deserve a lifelong, loving home.

Dixie and her sister Maggie have oodles of love to give!

Why not plan on having a dog by National Senior Health and Health Fitness Day so that your dog can help you exercise and stay or get healthy and fit?

We are looking for people with loving homes who will cherish their seniors for the rest of their lives. Second chance dogs make the absolute best pets and seniors are wonderful. They have much to offer their new families — not the least of which is love.

Twice as much love when you adopted bonded siblings!

No Surprises: One of the questions we get when people are looking at dogs under six to nine months is how big they will get. We can only guess since we don’t know the exact breed mixes. Paw size is one indicator but that by no means can be taken as the gospel truth. If you are looking for a dog who does not exceed a certain weight because of comfort level or housing restrictions then a senior dog is perfect. They have already reached their full growth. Puppies might have to go through different food choices as well as ever-changing collars, harnesses, and beds, or crates. A senior comes to the same as they will always be and that can save you money!

Calm Demeanor: Most seniors have a calm demeanor and a much easier exercise routine than their younger counterparts. If you are still working and need to leave your dog at home for many hours or an older person looking for that special friend then look no further than a senior dog.

Already Trained (Possibly): Puppies are so much fun and cute and cuddly. We all agree on that. Potty training, not chewing, barking at the slightest sound, or learning to walk on a leash can be utterly exhausting. Most senior dogs are already trained and can easily learn your rules and boundaries in just a few weeks or less. That means you can bond more quickly with your new senior dog and enjoy time with them.

Not Demanding: Most senior dogs are looking to love and be loved. They don’t need or want agility training or high energy runs and playtime. Whether we are talking an adult or a dog, studies have shown that walking is the best exercise for those wanting to get or stay healthy.

Being a dog owner will always come with surprises. Having a senior dog, age six and up means that you are likely to have fewer years to love your dog. But they are incredibly grateful and loving and the time you do have is even more special.

Please consider adopting a senior dog today. We’d love them to have a home before May 29th so that you and your new dog will already be working on getting and staying healthy and fit!

Isabella needs a home!