“This is Garth. I adopted him around Valentine’s Day of 2016. I had brought my friend Mary Kate Webber to find a companion for herself. I looked at the photos of available dogs for adoption. There was Garth… And he was brought out to meet me.

He jumped on the seat and sat himself right between Mary-Kate and myself. It was snuggles and love. I filled out an application and got a valentine.

I had been told Garth was there with NEW PAWsabilities for a while, people weren’t interested in adopting him because of the way he looked! But this dog is the sweetest, most loving, gentle and appreciative dog, who loves all people; the humans and the dogs, cats, roosters, etc!

Everyone who chose to pass up this gem because of his looks, you certainly looked past his heart and his soul. I love you Garther!!

Thank you NEW Pawsabilities” — Karen Lamb