Good Monday morning to our wonderful community.
Some of you are bummed because your Packers did not win. But I hope you had fun watching the game with your friends so that has to count for something.
If you are like me, some of you are worried about how to pay a big bill that just came in and there’s simply not enough to steal from Peter to pay Paul and it seems hopeless. You know what? You don’t need to pay for everything all at once. Just focus on a solution with honesty and it will work out.
Some of you have family problems, estranged children, family members who don’t treat you the way you deserve and the holidays are coming. You know what? All you have to be is you and family members will come around, or not. There are still people who love you.
Every day we wake up we face what seems like insurmountable problems. Financial, relationships, work, family.
When it all seems to be falling apart, one look at our dogs, one cuddle, one long walk, one person admiring them, and life suddenly is better. Dogs really are living proof that good still exists in the world.
So how can dogs help us? why do they matter?
1. Pets promote happiness just by watching them.
2. Taking care of our dogs promotes good health for us. Simply walking fifteen minutes a day helps heart health and that’s a good thing.
3. Pets promote socialization because people can’t help but ask about our dogs. They are little people magnets and who knows, you might meet your next best friend or husband by walking your dog.
4. Dogs are therapeutic. They help us focus on someone other than ourselves and that’s therapy at its finest. And we also have a therapist to talk to who won’t talk back and who lets us solve our own problems and our own speed.
5. Dogs keep our minds in tip-top shape by forcing us to go through all the motions of taking care of them. But when we go through the motions we know we never want our dog to be without us and we have to take care of ourselves.
6. They’re motivational in so many ways! Besides motivating us to move they motivate us to be better people because we want to be our best for the dogs who give us so much.
7. Dogs add more adventure to life by forcing us to do things we’d never do before. I am not a hiker but because I’m always looking for ways to exercise my dog I’ve gone on paths I’ve never dreamed of hiking.
8. Animals encourage us to be patient through potty training, sleep issues, figuring out the right food and more. I have for sure become more patient thanks to my dog.
9. They don’t judge. Well, much. But if I choose to take that extra glass of wine or eat that slice of pizza I know I don’t need then they just like hanging with me.
10. Dogs are wired to love us no matter what. I can leave all day and my dog greets me as if I’m the best person who has ever walked the face of the earth. And you know what? I am! Talk about a boost to my self-esteem.
We have over thirty dogs right now who want to be all this and more to you. Come in today and fall in love with the dog of a lifetime. Dogs really are living proof that good still exists in the world. Adopting a dog is living proof that you are one of the good guys in the world.