Every Outcome Counts

We track the status of every animal* using Shelter Animals Count, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to creating, sharing and stewarding a national database of sheltered animals. The data provides a detailed breakdown of the health and adoption status of every animal in our care.

Every Dog is More Than an Outcome

At NEW PAWSibilities all animals we rescue are given the second chance they deserve whether they are housed at our shelter or transferred to other rescues while waiting to be adopted into loving, lifelong homes. Our goal is to transport and save as many death row dogs as possible from one of the poorest areas of Appalachia. This includes easy-to-place dogs as well as those needing medical attention, seniors, and those that may be suffering from a disability.

Some animals are adopted within days of arrival while others may need more time. Pets remain available for adoption as long as necessary and are never euthanized for space reasons.

*Realizing there are a number of shelters in Northeast Wisconsin that have an excellent cat adoption success rate, in January 2017 we decided to focus exclusively on finding homes for dogs. We continue to transport second chance cats from Kentucky to these shelters on a space-available basis.

Our adoption rate is consistently above the national average and is one of the highest in the nation.

2016-2020 Lifesaving Reports