What a fabulous weekend. Not just some great adoptions but lots of stunning weather. I sure hope your dogs too you out for walks and hikes and just a really enjoyable weekend.
When I got my dog I figured I’d get lots of exercise by taking him out for walks several times a day. And we do walk. But the pounds didn’t fly off even when the walks increased in length and duration.
What I learned is that walking is a great time for a dog to be a dog. Sniffing is such an integral part of being a dog and so while we do get lots of steps I also get lots of standing and waiting while he sniffs this ruminates and finds new smells after the rain. He tries to find something to nibble on, always a challenge, or to find that new dog in town or to get the scent for the pesky squirrel.
Walking at his pace still gives me Vitamin D and lets me meet neighbors, to meet new people, to take time to not be on the computer working.
Everyone wins when you let them sniff.