We asked for PAWSitive Endings to go through Thanksgiving because we are so thankful for our dogs and all of these incredible adoptions. But they keep coming and we love it!
Here’s one that Leo wrote those I think maybe he had a little help. Love, love, love this!
“I’m Leo and I’m 1 yr old. Gramma Cathy brought me home to live with her a few days ago and I’ve been on my best behavior because I hear “good boy” a lot!
There’s a cat here too but I don’t know much about him. I’ve had plenty to do and I’m pretty comfy already so I’ll get to know the cat later.
I have a kennel but I’m allowed to sleep anywhere I want unless it’s that cat’s time, then I’m kenneled for my safety but I don’t mind it’s not for long. There’s plenty of toys and my favorite is a hedgehog that we play fetch with. Yep, I fetch and release and am learning to catch him in the air too.
I really impressed The Gramma! If I’m really sweet she’ll scratch my belly. I like that and I like liver sausage too. I am learning how to ‘wait’ for meals and treats instead of gobbling them up. I wait at the door I wait to get leashed, that liver sausage is teaching me to wait for a lot of things!
We were going to play fetch outside but I wanted to check the boundaries and make sure of my surroundings, there are new sounds I want to get used to. We walk to get our mail each day, that’s my job. I’m learning to walk beside Gramma and not cross her path.
I met two people with a small dog and I behaved well, I know because I heard that “good boy” a lot again.
It’s been pretty fun and I tried a couple of things that I heard “that’s naughty” so I might not chew up a toilet paper roll again or steal the bath mat. When I started chewing her shoe and she caught me she asked “what are you doing?” in a real low voice and then asked “is that your toy?” so I stopped.
I’m only 1 yr, so it’s not a big surprise I’m going to try some of those things. I knew it wasn’t my toy and didn’t start chewing again.
She likes me I can tell and I’m starting to know that even if I make mistakes I’ll still be safe and never hurt. I guess I’ll stay and see what else she has to teach me!”
Leo The Brave