We love when adopters give us updates about how things are going with their new four-legged family member. But we especially love it when the dogs are the ones telling their side of the story. We are assuming he dictated this to his person since ya kind of need opposable thumbs to type.
When I got to the end I teared up because Leo is going to make an awesome service dog and it makes me happy to think that this dog from a high kill shelter that nobody wanted is here in Wisconsin being trained to do such an important dog. In the midst of 2020, there are still wonderful stories.
Thank you to Sam Bratsven for this update.
” Leo here, the 1 yr young Husky mix with an update as I enter week 3 at my new home.
Week 1 was reported as the best behavior week, week 2 was different. I still heard ‘good boy” a lot but “that’s naughty” “nope” “what did you do?” and a couple of words I can’t repeat were heard too.
I learned a new command and hand signal which make me lay on the floor before I get my treat. It’s called “down” I’m also giving The Gramma a “high five/four” which kept me from nibbling her hand when we play. I have the habit of nibbling because that’s how I scratch where I itch. Gramma thinks I have allergies.
I get coconut oil which I like, got a bath which I tolerated, and seemed to soothe my itchy skin. I also got to try new food and I haven’t met a food I don’t like yet so that’s a plus too!
Speaking of food, all of the leftovers are thrown into this can. I know it’s not mine but I was tempted to try those pizza crusts in there. Before I knew it I had the whole bag out and had eaten every scrap of food like a smorgasbord. That was the same day I chewed up some more toilet paper rolls which I was warned about.
I also had an episode with the cats that didn’t look too good on my behalf and I ate their food too, spilled their water dish, and dang near caught one in my mouth. That’s the day I heard words I can’t repeat. I also met The Broom. It doesn’t hit me it just blocks my attempt to eat a cat. I’ve already learned The Broom is The Law.
I can also jump right over that short fence with my short legs, I tried that a couple of times and know that’s naughty so I have to get tied if I’ve done my mad dash around the yard or thrown my toys around outside. It’s humiliating but reminding me how to “stay” and come when called. I explored a bit before coming back to Gramma but I still hear “good boy” when I return even though there’s no liver sausage for me.
I also watched a complete set of the small town fireworks from my back yard that they set off for Christmas. At first, I barked (to save us) then I was comforted and assured it was ‘ok’. When the noisy whistling ones went off I howled. That made the Gramma laugh and very proud of me for being Leo The Brave
P.S. No matter what happens in the day we never stay mad and I come up to her and make sure it’s all good. We take car rides too, one day it was so long that I was wondering if I’d end up somewhere else but instead I got to go into a store and meet the eye Doctor who recommended Gramma look at NEW PAWSibilities for her new companion! I was a Very Good Boy and showed them all I’ve learned since moving here and they even took my picture!
When I learn my manners and commands better and come when called every time I get to wear my “service dog in training” vest and will go into more stores and meet new people. It’s a process!
One more note, Gramma says I ‘found my voice.’ Sometimes when she talks I talk back, this amuses her to no end so I go into verbal barking noises because it’s so fun to see her laugh!” — Leo The Brave