No matter how cold, how bad a day at work, how many chores there are to do at home, it somehow all falls away the moment your dog hears the front door home. “He’s home! My man is home!” Those are the words Lacy has been saying for the last ten weeks thanks to Jake Jacob who rescued Lacy.

Shelter manager Chance Fultner who gets to go to work every day and hang out with the dogs has his favorites and Lacy was one of them from day one. “Such an awesome dog!”

Jake obviously agrees 150% “Best save of my life with dogs! She is precious. She is so smart yet so sassy you just have to love her! 😉😉😉”

Life can often be difficult, dogs are not free, the cost to feed and care for them is an increasingly large slice of the budget pie. Somehow, I don’t think Jake cares one bit. When you find the best dog of your life you’ll whatever it takes to show them you love them. And so will they do whatever it takes to show us their love. Looks like a match made in heaven. Or at least at NEW PAWSibilities.