We are in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan on Coconut’s longest road trip ever. We had a lovely albeit long ride up here with a stop for lunch and a few potty breaks.

We are so lucky cause Coconut’s a great traveler!
My brother-in-law and his wife are wonderful people, you know, the salt of the earth kind of people who love kids and dogs and being good neighbors and hosts.

Dan and Laura had a dog for fifteen years named Pepsi. They loved that girl and she loved them. After Pepsi passed away they grieved as much as they would have for any family member because dogs are family. Dan vowed he would never, ever get another dog because he could not say goodbye again.

But he is loving having Coconut in the house. They bought a box of treats, had a bowl set up for him with water, and gave him full access to any place in the house including wherever their cat Piper happened to be. Dan said Piper and Coconut will figure it out. I guess they have because I’ve yet to actually see Piper.

What I love about staying with Dan and Laura is that they encouraged us to bring Coconut on this trip. They know that our dog is our family and we would not leave him for a driving trip. They, like us, believe that family always comes first and that includes four-legged members.

Coconut is only allowed on the sofa at home but no beds, no chairs, no eating off people’s plates, no lots of things. But the sofa is his domain to share with us. Last night Coconut enjoyed the smells and the new friendly voices and hugs and being around dog people. We settled down into the living room, me and Laura on the sofa, Gary and Dan on easy chairs, and Coconut stood confused as to where to go.

He glanced at every person as if asking for permission to jump up with us as he usually does at night. I had not asked our more than gracious hosts if they allowed dogs on the furniture. Turns out that they had the same rules with Pepsi as we do with Coconut and so Coconut jumped up, nestled into his spot, and after a long drive and an evening of new smells, sighed and nestled into his place. Slowly, slowly he scootched closer to Laura as she almost absentmindedly began to stroke the soft fur. He leaned into her body and practically purred with delight. A good ending for Coconut’s first day away from home.

I love the rules posted here because that’s how we think. Dogs are family and should be treated as such.

We have dogs who are ready to find their place on the family sofa, to take long road trips, and to help you define your rules of the house.

Why not come in and meet some of them and bring one home? Your life will never be the same. I’m still working on Dan to get a dog. I told him Coconut will even share the back seat when we drive him back.