There are many reasons to get a dog. Sometimes it’s for the pure joy of having a workout buddy or a way to help children learn to care for an animal. There are service, therapy, and emotional support dogs that become not only essential support in helping people to live full lives but also beloved family members.

Today our PAWSitive Endings story comes from Sherri Zeni. Thank you for being open and vulnerable about how much Judge has changed your life. We are so pleased to have played a role in helping you to find your perfect dog.

“I’m very lucky to have come across NEW PAWSibilities. Judge is my Service Dog and he takes his job very seriously. Things that he does daily for me are: lays on my legs when I have night terrors, catches me as I fall, holds me upright to prevent me from falling, pulls my wheelchair when needed, knocks on the door to come in or when something is wrong with me and I need help, stands between me and others (so no one can touch me), reminds me that I’m alright and removes me from a situation that panics me and/or raises my anxiety level.

If I didn’t get him I would not leave my house without having at least one major panic attack and one major anxiety attack. Plus, he keeps me grounded when I have flashbacks caused by my PTSD. Currently, we are working on finding the source of the cinnamon. Due to the fact I’m deathly allergic to cinnamon. Thank you all for finding me my perfect match for my extension (service dog). I would not be going on my first camping trip in 2 years without him and all of the hard you all do!” – Sherri Zenni

The Zeni family has another dog from us. Poison Ivy is her husband’s emotional support animal and was DNA tested as a full British Bulldog and Judge is a pure American Bulldog. Good news! The dogs are fabulous friends.