One look in Heidi’s eyes in the picture where she received her canine good citizen test certificate says it all. Her fur is glossy and she looks the picture of health. What a difference from her adoption photo from when she arrived from the kill shelter to NEW PAWSibilities.

Kim and her family adopted Heidi in March of 2013. They had just lost Gunther, one of their bonded pair of Bassets, and their remaining Basset, Wolfgang, was simply heartbroken.  He stopped eating and it was obvious he was grieving and they worried about his mental and physical health.

A friend posted Heidi’s picture on Kim’s Facebook page and it only took one look to know right away that the sad-looking dog pictured needed them as much as they needed her. Their journey to healing started that evening when they walked in to meet Heidi.

“When they brought Heidi out she ran straight to me and spent most of the visit in my lap.  She was still on a medical hold from spay surgery so we couldn’t pick her up until that Saturday.”

To know their new dog wasn’t with them was hard and it was a long three days. They brought her home and when they introduced her to Wolfgang it was so much more than they could have hoped for.

“No barking, nothing but tail wags and playing. They were both so happy. Wolfgang ate his food without coaxing for the first time since we lost Gunter.”

We shared all we knew including that Heidi had been a puppy mill dog before making her way to Wisconsin and NEW PAWSibilities. As a result of her past, Heidi was very afraid of men, storms, and loud noises.  It takes a special person to take on shelter dogs because of all the unknowns. In Kim’s case even with all the reasons to say no she felt they were up for the challenge.

“She wasn’t housebroken and was terrified to come inside the first time. Still, she was exactly what we all needed after losing Gunter so suddenly and through helping Heidi to heal she healed our hearts.

Five-and-a-half-years later Heidi has proven herself a blue-ribbon rescue with the proverbial heart of gold.

“She does rescue events with me and in September we passed our Therapy Dog and CGC tests. Heidi is now a certified Therapy Dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and the ThedaCare Hospice program. She loves people, especially children, and is amazing in every single way. We love her very much.  I will be forever grateful to my friend for posting her picture on my Facebook page that day. Thank you for helping us and all the dogs you save.

-Kim Dworak