Today we went to the little pet store in downtown to buy some extra special treats for Coconut because he has been so amazingly good while I’ve been working. He’s the very definition of, “Good boy, good boy!”

It was a little windier than expected but still a very pleasant walk. With the sun we’ve been having the snow is melting and there are new smells and Coconut had a ball. We saw dogs and people and now he’s chewing his bully stick. Yeah, the long-lasting one that will last about 10 minutes.

As we walked I could not help but think about the walk we took on New Year’s Eve. It was quite the snowy, windy, and icy walk. We got a few blocks away and I heard barking. It sounded like an anguished dog and Coconut began to whimper. He pulled and pulled me to the source of the noise and there was a large, older dog with a grey muzzle hunched in the snow, chained to a fence. It was freezing and no place for a dog to be left. I was so angry. I don’t know these people, but you can be sure I’ll be stopping by and talking to them. I’ve tried with others and it doesn’t seem to help.

Today someone posted this memory from a few years ago and it brought to mind the poor dog on New Year’s Eve. It was pleasant today, but we are far from over our Wisconsin winter. If it’s too cold for you it is absolutely too cold for a dog. Please let your neighbors and others know that leaving a dog chained in frigid temperatures and driving snow is not acceptable. I did not have my cell phone. Next time I’ll take a picture and report them.