Two weeks ago I hosted the NEW PAWSibilities staff Christmas party at our home. We ate way too much, did the Christmas gift exchange thing, laughed, learned about each other, and had a really nice evening. And our dog survived.

Coconut had never had fourteen or fifteen people in his little house before. I was more than a little afraid about how he would act. Would he steal everyone’s food? He does love to eat. Would he jump on everyone, bark like crazy?

He greeted the first wave of guests and then into the kennel he went. He came to us crate trained so I am taking no credit for the most wonderful invention of dog ownership. Coconut doesn’t just tolerate the kennel, he LOVES it, often going on it on his own just to get away from the noise, or because he’s mad about not getting attention, or he knows he’s been naughty.

We used the kennel all night, taking him out so he could interact with us and then letting hi, go back when the noise level rose or the temptation for ribeye got out of hand.

This holiday season can be hard on your dog. New food, unique smells, people who don’t know how to interact with dogs, and noise. So much noise.

I love the poster below. It’s exactly what people coming into our homes need to know this holiday season. You might need to tell some people so that your best friend can have the best Christmas and New Year.