Friday was National Tell A Story Day. One of the favorite things I do here at NEW PAWSibilties is to tell stories. If you visit our website you’ll be able to read stories on our blog and also on the PAWSitive Endings link.
When I tell a story, I am able to spark a connection, and, if I’m lucky, give someone a reason to come in and explore adopting a dog.

A few weeks ago I told a story about my grandson and a dog named Spice. You can read about it on our blog. Before I told that story there had been very little interest in a ten-year-old dog. This quote from the story is what got Spice adopted within days. “I asked him why Spice instead of a puppy or a big dog to run with and take to the dog park. His answer made me tear up a bit. ‘Grandma, everyone wants those dogs. An old dog will stay here a long time because the only thing she’s good for is loving you.'”

That is how humans have communicated since the beginning of time —by telling stories.

But do you know that dogs tell stories, too? My dogs are both masters at telling stories with their eyes. The, I’m hungry story followed by the, I have to go out and run around story followed by the, I need a belly rub story.
They tell stories with their entire bodies. I’m scared, I’m excited, I was abused, I need love.

But the easiest story to read is in their tails. The famous Author Unknown once said A dog can express more with his tail in seconds than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.”

When you come to visit our dogs look at their tails, their bodies, and their eyes. They tell a story. The best story they tell ends with, “I choose you!”

Ready to read a story? Come and visit us seven days a week so that you can find your dog. Then you can start telling your own stories about your dog. The ones that will make everyone laugh and cry and be filled with hope. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll tell a story that will urge someone to come in and get their dog so that they can tell their own stories. Pretty cool how this works.