Knowing that the need for shelter donations never ends, after Thanksgiving 2012, my husband and I stopped at NEW PAWSibilities to drop off some products. Once we were there we decided to take a look at some dogs.

We walked into a room with dogs, almost like a lineup with dogs of all sizes and breeds. Unlike the other dogs who all seemed to be vying for our attention, this little girl quietly stood back, then forward, and then back like she was trying to get our attention in a subtler way. It was almost as if she thought nobody would want her.

Sara looked like our older Shepard/Chesapeake dog, DJ. I had always wanted a dog named Sara, and here was this sweetheart who already had the perfect name. The stars were aligned! I knew, however, in order to get my husband on board with the idea of another he would have to hold her first. The answer was not what I wanted to hear.

We left without Sara and I cried. And cried. How could we leave my Sara? Needless to say, we were back in ten minutes to get her and Sara has been such a blessing to our family. We had two dogs and two cats, and Sara was the baby of the family. A few months later we had to take her in, she had a cough, which turned out to be Heartworm. As distressing as it sounded, our vet helped us to understand all the options and there was no doubt of what we had to do. Today Sara is Heartworm free and healthy.

Yesterday was not only her eighth birthday but also the kickoff to National Adopt A Dog Month.  Sara is our soul, our spirit, our whole life, and YES, she is ridiculously loved and spoiled!!!!

We adopted another dog Cooper back in April. He is a challenge, but he is a good boy with a heart of gold and we are thrilled to have him in our crazy mix.

Thank you for rescuing these dogs and finding their forever homes.

God Bless!!

Darrell and Jenny Gregor