I wonder do our dogs talk to each other about us in their doggy language.
“Is yours a rescue human?”
“Yeah, he has some issues.”
I’ll be the first to mention that I do have some issues. Getting whacked in the head with a cell phone as your head is flying back and forth in a major car wreck will do that to you.
But so will abandonment issues, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more.
We have many people, like me, who specifically got their dog as an emotional support animal while others got a dog and discovered how much their dog help them get through every day.
There are so many reasons to get and enjoy a companion dog and we have some of the best in Northwest Wisconsin.
We all have issues. We are all rescue humans because, in some way, our rescue rescued us. It’s the best feeling ever to know my dog loved me instantly and knew I needed rescuing.
Come in and see about meeting your rescue dog. You will both be grateful beyond measure.