Each day, well, if the truth is told, several times a day, I look to see what dog has found a home. Today sweet little Ryan the Terrier/Mix puppy found a home. Last week Lynx, who had been with us for several months, went home!

When I check the site and see that the top row or even the top two rows are still the same, it makes me feel sad. More than that it makes me feel responsible. I know I’m not but I wonder what could I have written that could have encouraged someone to come in and adopt that one dog.
Common sense tells me I am doing all that our budget can do to find homes for these lovely dogs. I also know that dogs choose people and many of these dogs have met people and it simply has not been a fit.

My little Mele was one of those dogs. In the four months that she stayed with us not one person ever called and asked about her. No one came in and said, “Can I see Bambi?’ She was the right size, a great age, and really cute. And yet she waited. If someone came to look at another dog that wasn’t a fit a staff person sometimes suggested Mele then known as Bambi. This little rascal would run into the room and duck under the bench and hide until she finally got taken back.

They told me she was shy and maybe we should look at a different dog. But they also told us that she and Coconut played well together. And so we asked to meet her.

She’s not in the least bit shy! Maybe it’s because she smelled Coconut on my husband but this little long-termer literally jumped into his arms and that was that.

So many dogs look at visitors and their eyes are saying, “I’m still here, waiting.” Despite looking at their eager eyes, their wagging tails, their cuteness, people walk away either without a dog or with a different dog.
We love all of our dogs. They each have a reason they were rescued in Kentucky, why they are here, and we know they will thrive in the right home.

If you are looking for a dog or you know someone who is looking please don’t overlook those dogs with the timestamp on their photos showing that they have been here a month, or six, or eighteen.

They are still waiting. Maybe, just maybe, they are waiting for you.