Thank you Diane Process Smits for sharing this lovely PAWSitive Endings story. Grab a Kleenex. This did make me tear up but it also reminded me that this is what makes our rescue do different. We think dogs and seniors, those in a wheelchair or some disability are some of the best candidates to adopt a dog. We love being proven right!
“We got Red (aka Valborg) many years ago at NEW PAWSibilities for my father-in-law after his wife was moved to a nursing home. He always was a dog person, but hadn’t had one in a while.
We had two Boston Terriers, and he loved coming over to play with them (he lived next door). So, we decided to look for a companion for him. Many places didn’t want to place a dog with an elderly man, but he had a lot of love to give, and we were right next door.
Well, we happened to find NEW PAWSibilities and are so glad we did! They had a red Boston Terrier!! It was a 4th of July weekend, but we were still able to go meet “Valborg”. It was love at first sight!❤️ We we’re able to take him home that day!!
He got along great with our two Bostons. He was renamed “Red”, and he and my father-in-law enjoyed many years together. Red was always with him and gave him much joy and companionship.
Then sadly, my father-in-law had to go into assisted living himself, so we took Red into our family. After a full life, Red passed away a few years back. My father-in-law just passed away this spring. I’m sure they met up again at the rainbow bridge! They are both missed❤️.
We are thankful that NEW PAWSibilities gave us the chance to adopt Red!!”