You’ll notice I try and do a lot of my own writing after doing research on different topics. We always felt that our website and our Facebook should not be a place to promote products such as certain foods, kennels, leashes, collars, etc. unless we sell them in our lobby.
For example we love our pet beds made of durable upholstery fabric made by inmates as a donation for our rescue. I personally went through six or seven beds from big box stores before choosing to try this one for his crate. I’ll be the first to admit that I like a certain style and that these are no as attractive as I’d like inside my house. $20.00 and year later I am wishing we I’d passed by the cute beds and used that money on other things.
The same goes for toys. When I got my dog I learned he was what they called a power chewer. It didn’t matter what I got the squeaker was a gonner and usually within minutes. Even if was ranked as a tough toy it might last a day. Again, so much money I wasted.
There’s a ton of information online about the best toy for power chewers or the best brain toys. The reality is your dog is unique and you won’t know until you’ve spent the money as to whether that claim is true for your dog.
So unless there’s a really compelling reason, like our beds because cause they help rescue more dogs and they really are that tough, we don’t post articles and links promoting certain products.
We do love articles that teach and talk about how to weather it’s about training, food, or, toys. Learning how to choose is always better than being told what will work.