It’s always something. We have a fenced yard. We have an escape artist. At first, we suspected he was part deer because as short as he is he could clear part of the fence in a single bound. We added a line of trellis to the top of the fence and lived happily ever after. Or not.
There’s one area that this little sneak figured out how to circumvent and so my husband jerry-rigged a closure. I kept telling him that Coconut was looking for a way out whenever he went into the tangle of wires, trees, and whatever else the neighbor next door had there. “Oh, no. He can’t possibly get out.”
And the story continues. Throughout the winter it was too cold, and then the snow was way too high, for the little Houdini to make a break for it. He’s tricky that way so we had this false sense of security.
It hit almost forty degrees yesterday! Nice puddles to splash in while taking a walk, people outdoors, and practically balmy weather. And then it happened.
After a long walk, long enough for Coconut to be content with a quick slurp of water followed by curling on the sofa with me, he did not calm down. He barked, he rarely does that, tore into his toybox making my house look like a toddler escaped from his playpen, and ran up and down the stairs like a crazy boy.
I opened the back door and off Coconut bounded down the stairs jumping in the snow, making trails and having an absolute blast. I went upstairs and changed into my robe and sandals. I walked out to see if he wanted to come back in and there was no Coconut.
I happened to look over the fence and there was the sneak in the neighbor’s yard. He loves my neighbor to distraction so I wasn’t too worried he’d make a getaway. Off I went in my robe and sandals, remember those glorious puddles, and rushed into the yard armed with a leash and a bag of treats.
The little thief was gorging on bird seed. I quickly leashed and brought him home letting him know that I did not appreciate his actions.
Gary got home from work, erected a better barrier, and out went the dog. Once again escaping to eat more bird food.
So here’s what we learned. We’re going to need a better barrier, one that is Coconut proof. What’s the sense of buying a house with a fence if your dog can escape?
We also learned, the smelly and messy way, that bird seed in large amounts can cause intestinal issues in dogs. Last night this dog was up and down and barking and whining. It had been so long since he had an accident we didn’t realize that he was one sick little boy. At least it wasn’t on the carpet. A quick search online let me know that he’s fine, he ate his food and is acting normal, we just need to keep him away from bird food and watch him.
We love the birds and we love that our neighbor feeds the birds. And we love our neighborhood. We just need to keep him away from the food.
Here’s an article about dogs and bird food. And now you know.