The outpouring and love for your dogs after I posted about Kentucky having the worst record for animal protection laws had me in tears. Yeah, sitting in Panera working and people probably think I broke up with my boyfriend the way I was going on. Yes, Honey, I finally broke up with the other guy. Kidding!

But, seriously, when I think of the lives that we have collectively saved it’s humbling and inspiring. And think of what we can do when we have volunteers and more resources!

Here are just a few pictures over the next PAWSitive Endings posts from Kentucky to Home families.
“This is our KY rescue from NEW PAWSibilities. We adopted Gibby in November 2013” – Ann Kunkle Jones

“I just realized Kaya came from Kentucky then. We’re thankful to have her. She’s a great dog!! ❤️” – Kimberly Dawn




“I adopted Chops (Deagan) from you guys in June of 2013. Thanks for bringing this goofy guy into my life and for what you do for all of these dogs!” – Alyssa Holschbach




This handsome fella came from Kentucky, and we are so thankful for the work you do!! – Bonnie Bishop-Malchow





“This is Lilly. She’s our NEW Pawsibilities rescue from Kentucky. Thank you for saving these dogs!!” – Angela Bilbrey





“Our NEW Pawsibilities, babe from Kentucky! We kept the original name you guys gave him! Here’s Cash!” – Alairyse West