“Our Ziggy, came up with 400 dogs from Kentucky. He has been with us since April 2012 we rescued him from you😍 He was 4 months old at the time.” – Aleta Tweedale


“This is how my girl looked when I got her …. from you guys, she came from Kentucky ….. she’s almost 6 now….❤️ She’s kinda a doxie … errr we think but i don’t care what she is ….. except mine. This is her now…. Thank you ….. SHEs THE BEST”

– Delonna Wring Leader Reed





“Cooper. Adopted from NEW Pawsibilities, originally from Kentucky.” – Amy Sowls





“Chloe is a cur dog from the south “mutt” princess to you😘” – Jane Tomasaon





“My family adopted Boo (Biggie) and Athena (Gail) from NEW Pawsibilities a year ago, originally from Kentucky. We believe Athena was a stray and Boo was abused based on vet visits and how they behave. Boo is as small as the day we got him and I like to call him my little booger because he’s so drippy sometimes but is so loving and sweet. Athena has the biggest heart in the world and doesn’t want to lose a family that shes never had before. Very thankful your shelter saved their lives so we could find them.” – Cara Kloes

“Our ever so sweet Bella Noel. We adopted her in December of 2013 from N.E.W. PAWSibilities ❤❤” — Jenny Yiesling





“Our goofy boy Caleb from Kentucky. Can’t imagine life without him❤️” — Mary Prestil Plank