This is the definition of the word hindsight.

“Understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.”

We’ve all had those hindsight moments thousands of times in our lives. Some of those do impact us in the short term but there’s usually something to be learned moving forward. I guess I should have studied for that final instead of going to the party cause now I have to take math in summer school.

Others have tragic consequences that, like a ripple in a pond, touch countless lives forever. In hindsight, had she gotten to the airport on time and been on her original flight she would not have been on the flight that crashed, killing everyone on board.

In hindsight, I should have gone to the doctor, left that last beer on the table, bought that cute dress on sale. Some are life changing while others don’t really matter much. Like the cute dress. One hindsight conversation we have all the time at NEW PAWSibilities goes something like this.

Adopter:Is that dog still there. You know, Jimmy, that Setter I saw yesterday. Is he there?”

NEW PAWS staff: “No, I’m sorry, he got adopted earlier today.”

Adopter: “No! He was my dog. I said I liked him. I told you I wanted him but had to check with my roommate.”

NEW PAWS staff:Did you put down a 50% non-refundable deposit after you completed the application and found a dog you liked?”

Adopter:Ah, no. But it was just yesterday. I didn’t think he’d go so quickly. I mean, I loved that dog. He really liked me. Is there any way they would bring him back for me?”

NEW PAWS staff:No, that’s not possible. We have so many other dogs that need a home. Can we show you anyone else? You can also keep watching our site to see if we get another Setter.”

In hindsight, the adopter should have put down a deposit, or called the roommate when he was seeing the dog, or called us at 7:00 am the following day after talking to his roommate before the new owner walked in at 2:00 pm. The good news is that in the scenario I just described the guy understood, did not cause a scene or give us a bad review. Instead, he talked to the adoption counselor about why he wanted a dog, how much of each day he’d be home, the activity level that he wanted, and, lastly, why a Setter? As it turned out he thought the Setter was cute and as a young boy, a neighbor had a Setter that triggered great memories.

Getting a dog is emotional. We do make choices based on good experiences we had with other dogs at a different time in our lives. As it turned out, the roommate wanted a smaller dog with shorter hair because of shedding. The adopter walked out with his perfect dog that was as different as possible from a Setter.

In hindsight, Jimmy might have been in the wrong home had they adopted him. We do all we can to make every home a forever home and we grieve when dogs come back to us only to have to go through feeling rejected and wait for yet someone else to open their homes and their hearts.

Hindsight. What’s your hindsight moment? Mine goes like this. In hindsight, I should have gotten an emotional support dog after the head injury. Maybe I would have been able to keep my job and I’d still be in Hawaii. In hindsight, I could have gone to a different place and not found NEW PAWSibilities. In hindsight, I could have listened to my husband and gotten a breed and size dog I now know would not have been appropriate for me. The list is pretty long when it comes to my dog journey. All my hindsight moments led me to Coconut, the most perfect dog for me. It led me to this community, to this job, and now I have the honor of working with a fabulous team as we help turn your hindsight moments into rescue dogs finding homes and rescuing their humans.

What are some of the hindsight moments that brought you to NEW PAWSibilities and to your dog?