There are days when the struggle to stay open in the middle of this seemingly never ending pandemic makes us wonder why we continue. And then we get something like this. Oh my goodness, stories like this make us cry and smile and they give us reasons to keep doing what we do. We love this PAWSitive Ending even though it’s not an ending but a new beginning. We asked for pictures and Heidi sent over a ton which we love and so will you.
“Friday marked a milestone for me and my two canine best friends that I rescued from you this last year. I truly don’t want to imagine my life without Dillon (formerly Scout) and Rosalyn (formerly Lucy).
I adopted Dillon five months ago as an adventure partner for myself, but also as a companion for my special-needs puppy Lilly-Bell. The peace and love that he brought to both of us in her final three months was so beautiful. He was everything she needed in a big brother being both gentle and kind while energetic. I know that his presence in the home helped to reassure and comfort her. Losing her in December left a void in Dillon’s and my worlds and it became apparent rather quickly that he needed a new canine sibling.
Five weeks ago we were lucky enough to add ten-week-old Rosalyn to our family. It took Dillon and Rosalyn less than a day to start playing together and snuggling. It has been fun to have a little puppy in the family and watch her grow. She follows her brother around everywhere and really does look up to him. The three of us are a family and we couldn’t be happier.
Dillon is now seventeen-months old and still weighs about thirty-five-pounds. Rosalyn is now fifteen-weeks old and weighs about thirteen pounds. Thank you for all that you guys do to help rescue dogs and connect people with their four-legged children.”Heidi-Beth Foottit