We get a lot of questions about our rescue dogs and we cover the answers in the link at the end of each bio unless we hear otherwise from the shelter in Kentucky or we observe something once the dogs are here.

Does my dog like cats? We don’t know.

Does my dog get along with children? No idea.

Is my dog potty trained? Probably not until he figures out your home.

Does my dog play well with other dogs? We don’t know.

We have had dogs returned over the years because their dogs simply don’t get along. It’s a hard situation to be in but there are ways to start the process of the dogs not only tolerating each other but becoming best friends.

My friend brought her puppy over on Saturday. She had a conference to attend so she used the daycare at NEW PAWSibilties and Coconut was there so they got to meet in a situation not in either of our homes. We picked him up and brought him home with us for about an hour or so.

I am not a puppy person so I was a little worried. We started in the back yard and that was a hit! They did the whole butt sniffing and checking each other out thing, Coconut growled to let the little guy know who was boss, and they played for about twenty minutes before coming in.

The meet and greet was so successful that my friend and the puppy came over for dinner yesterday and it was even better. I followed some of these tips from Cesar’s Way and that made me feel more confident. We all had a great time and we can’t wait till the weather is even better to have a cookout and lots of outdoor doggy time.

I will say Coconut hated the game where the little dog slid under the bed and he couldn’t go find him.