Yeah! Another PAWSitive Endings story. We love these so much. We are thrilled for this family and for Jackson.
“Hi. I just wanted to share with you my little Jackson who I adopted from NEW in 2015. He has been such a blessing. He came into my world after I lost my black lab to cancer. I wasn’t sure I was ready to welcome a new pup into my life. I fostered after losing Colby and then I wanted to start to “prepare” my heart for someone new.
But when I saw Jackson (fka Brady), I knew I needed him. He is a big dog in a little dog body. I did a DNA test on him and he is 12.5% each Great Pyrenees, border collie, and golden retriever, and 62.5% mixed breed with terrier and companion grouping. He is just the sweetest thing ever!
He had a way of drawing people in. Not sure if it is his size or his personality. Thank you for everything you do for these pups!!!” — Bentley Majewski