A few months ago a lovely young man contacted us about doing a project for his senior year at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. He had heard about the RUFF Times Food Pantry at NEW PAWSibilities and decided to raise $500.00 to buy food to donate to our community. He created a Facebook page featuring three of the longer-stay dogs in hopes that the students could help them find homes.
We had to keep sending new photos because the dogs kept finding homes! We have cleared our shelter of adoptable dogs three times since Safer at Home started and right now we have only one left who is ready to go home. We do have others who are being rehabilitated and getting closer and closer to the time when they can go home.
But we still have many families struggling to feed their pets and so we are happy to announce that Kurtis was able to donate $502.00!! Look at this haul? He dropped it off to NEW PAWSibilities yesterday and took a picture with the assistant manager’s dog, Helix.
So even with the students gone, the campus closed, massive unemployment, and a pandemic, Kurtis did a majorly awesome job! How many think that Kurtis should get an A+ on his project?
Thank you for your persistence and for loving dogs so much.
So here’s the PS. If you are struggling to feed your pet please don’t go it alone. RUFF Times Food Pantry is not open every day like we were in the past and hope to be in the future we are able to work with people who are in need of dog or cat food and treats. Please give us a call at 920-385-0809 and we will help you. If we don’t answer please leave your number and we’ll call you back to arrange for outside pick up at a time that works for you.
Thank you, Kurtis, for all of your phenomenal work and for reminding us that no pet should ever go hungry.