Last week a litter of ten puppies reached the adoptable age. As I was writing the bios I questioned if the paperwork was right because there looked to be three distinct types of puppies. These little sweethearts were three-month-old Retriever/Shepherd, Australian puppies. Turns out a dog can get pregnant during a three-week span and can have multiple fathers! How crazy is that?

We’d love to introduce you to, Harley, formerly known as Tabitha. Harley was the second to go and has found a wonderful new home. The Moder family obviously understands that puppies are work. But this little girl is already bringing them more than enough joy to make it worthwhile!

Her first shelter picture.

“Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on Tabitha who we now call Harley. She fits wonderfully into our home and has flourished the last five days. Her personality has really come out. Thank you for making it possible to adopt the perfect dog for our family.” — Michelle Moder

Congratulations to Harley and her new family!