Gilbert is on the right. We adopted him from NEW Pawsibilities in June of 2017. His brother Otis on the left from the WI Humane Society in June of 2018. Happy Howlidays! 🐾 — Jillian Wroblewski 




Belle (Tammy) adopted June 2018. — Connie Gherna-Barzano





Bear ♥️ Adopted from New Pawsibilities 11/18/17. — Barbie Trusynski





Lottie (formerly known as Zema) adopted her just a few weeks ago. She doesn’t hold still long enough for me to get many pictures…much less a Christmas specific one! She brings so much to our family! — Becky Sabelko




Django (his name was Bradley when we adopted), adopted in 2016. Best dog ever. You guys thought he wouldn’t get bigger than 40 lbs and he’s about 90 lbs of love and for 😆 — Autumn Ginke



Lucy Lui (formerly Christine) adopted 2 weeks ago. — Jodi Gray
Martin (Dakota when he was there). Adopted October 2016. — Jennifer Jensen
Aarre (formerly Candy) adopted July 2018. She had at least 2 sisters that I would be interested in seeing pictures of once in a while. Did do a DNA test on her if her sister’s owners are interested in knowing what the results were (and yes she is mostly Boxer which is the main breed I wanted). — Jody Mattila