We thought you would like to hear that Dozer is very well loved and doing awesome! Yesterday was his one year adopted birthday into our family! He has come such a long way. He can still be timid at times (especially with water-he does not care for water at all 😊) but he has grown to trust us with most everything else. I can clip his nails and while he doesn’t love it, he lets me do it. He loves going on walks or runs around our town, and tearing around like a wild man in our back yard. He sounds like a galloping horse running around he’s so big! 😊 He loves helping us feed and take care of our rabbits-although we don’t let him too close. 😉 He follows me everywhere and jumps and whines with excitement when Dad comes home from work. He used to be very fearful and growling towards strangers coming into our house-he became protective of this space right away-but now he is really good with most everyone. He has long since been friends with a woman who cleans our house, to the point I can leave them alone in the house together and he is fine with that and has taken to Grandma and Grandpa who come over often too. We are so grateful for this big boy and thankful you gave him a home until we could find him. Thank you for what you do in saving dogs like Dozer. He has so much love to give and we’re so grateful to be on the receiving end of his love. 😊

Happy 2nd birthday to Dozer!

God bless you and your shelter.

Karrie Landsverk