I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and that the dog moms are being treated wonderfully by their children.

We are trying to potty train our second child. Seriously had no idea how easy we had it with Coconut!

After a week in the crate followed by an early morning yard poop, we decided to let her sleep with her brother in our room last night. Epic fail is one way to put it. The little stinker, literally, decided to pay us back for the crate sleeping and sashayed her cute little behind up of the room and into the bathroom where she pooped on my newly washed rug. She whined in her crate, Coconut whined in solidarity for a while then fell asleep.

Mele had to let me know what a bad dog mommy I was every hour until 4:30. Dad took her for an earlier than normal poop and then she ran upstairs to do a second one! Oh my goodness she is stubborn!

Thankfully, both of my human boys were potty trained by their second birthday and neither was a problem.

No matter what we love our little Mele more and more. Had we know known than Pharaohs howl maybe we would have named her something that does not mean song or chat in Hawaii. What’s the Hawaiian word for mute?

To all you dog moms out there, potty training, leash training, learning how to not bark at the mailman, or whatever stage you are in, Hawaii Dog Mom’s Day!