Today is National Tell A Fairytale Story! This is perfect because every one of us has one or more fairytales to tell about our favorite four-legged friend family member.

As every story starts, once upon a time there was a very happy queen. She loved her life doing all the fun stuff people do in the kingdom of Hawaii and she never had to worry about shoes, snow, or ice. In fact, she lived in Paradise.

And then one catastrophic day an evil spell struck and destroyed everything she held dear. The giant SUV monster enlisted the help of an even larger SUV and squished the poor queen’s magic carriage into rubbish. The SUV’s black magic turned the queen into a real witch with a headache and terrible aches and pains. It was such a powerful spell that she thought and thought and thought every day about breaking the spell through death.
But the magic spell of love and kindness was stronger and began to break the black magic spell. To break this most powerful spell the queen was banished to a beautiful, old house in the kingdom of Wisconsin. Her sorcerer tried potions and pills and nothing helped so he brought out the strongest magic in any kingdom in the world.
“This is powerful magic. It’s a living, breathing potion called a dog. For it to work it must choose you, not the reverse. When you look in the eyes you will know. It doesn’t matter the breed, the age, the color, the size. You must give your dog a special name, one that has meaning to you, one that will every day bring you smiles from your past. You must feed him, exercise him, and show him such love as you’ve never felt or shown anyone since you had human children in your care. If you do these things then you will slowly, slowly break the spell.”
So the queen and her king journeyed to NEW PAWSibilities and there she was introduced to a little spell breaker. He waddled into the room and sat in front of her ignoring the king. The queen stared into his deep, soulful eyes and found the instant connection, the one made of magic to break the spell.
The first night home there were torn drapes and curtains, a pantry ransacked, and a $500 vet bill from the little spell breaker falling down the stairs. Soon, things got better though there were times the little spell breaker, now named Coconut, escaping to roam the neighborhood, destroyed the queen’s glasses, and ate butter on the brand new sofa thus leaving disgusting black poop everywhere. During these times the black and white magic warred until the queen’s love for Coconut finally broke the evil spell!
Little by little the queen fell deeper and deeper in love with Coconut. She began to connect others who needed a white magic spell with their own spell breaking dogs. She felt useful and happier. She no longer wanted to end her life.
Once upon a time, there was a dog. Who was also in an evil spell. He was homeless, roaming the streets of Hazzard, KY, foraging for food, alone in the elements. Because he was such a good boy the magic became stronger than all the hate in the world and transported him to the village of Oshkosh in the kingdom of Wisconsin. The powerful magic brought him to NEW PAWSibilities, the most formidable and loving and magical shelter in Northeast Wisconsin. For three weeks he waddled into the special room, always making sure to look into the eyes of those who wanted him. But he knew he was destined for a queen. A sad and broken queen who could only have the spell broken through looking into his eyes and falling in love. And he knew, because of dog lore, that the moment she fell in love with him that he would also fall in love. She would become his person. And he would be fed and loved, and walked, and be treated like the prince he had always known he could be.
Fairy tales usually end with the words, the end. But this is a special tale, a tale that never has an end. Even if the queen or the prince should ever leave for the most magical place beyond the universe, before the other is ready to go, there will always be that magical, healing connection. They will always be together in their hearts and souls. The magic will continue to grow, healing the queen to her full self.
And so it happened. And, little by little, they are learning to live happily ever after.