June 27th, 2018 was life-changing.  I had never heard of N.E.W. Pawsibilities, never really been to Oshkosh.

My daughter and I had tried adopting a few dogs from other organizations but were denied.  Denied because I recently moved in with my parents, denied because recently became disabled, denied because of my income, denied because we didn’t have a fenced in yard, denied because of so many reasons.

You see before January 2017 my life was complete, dream job, no debt, I was happy.  Then Salmonella happened & I fought for months for my life.  The after effects lead to severe systemic Rheumatoid Arthritis and being immunocompromised.  I fought to survive, I fought to be able to lift my head, to get into a wheelchair, using a walker and now using a cane. 

Then in February 2018 my Rheumatologist changed, my new doctor believed in medication for everything.  I soon became a walking zombie, slipped into depression, and became suicidal.  I attempted to take my life in May of 2018.  

On June 27th, 2018 my daughter and I were on our way back from a doctor appointment in Milwaukee and I needed a break from the car ride.  My daughter said, “Let’s see if they have a Humane Society!”

A miracle happened that day.  Every other Humane Society and rescue were closed because it was a Wednesday!! The only place that was open was NEW PAWsibilities!! So we drove there, pulled up and went in. Candi was behind the counter.  She joyfully welcomed us. 

I on the other hand nervously asked her about their adoption policy.  When she said the cost, I looked at my daughter and said we couldn’t afford the $350.  Candi asked how much could we afford?  I stated that my daughter had $225 saved up to rescue a dog.  But currently we were living in my parent’s house and didn’t have a fenced in yard. 

She then began telling us about the rescue and how the owner believes everyone should be able to rescue.  She asked which three dogs we would like to see!  My daughter’s eyes lit up. 

As Candi showed us to the playroom, I whispered to my daughter that she shouldn’t get her hopes up, that we would probably be denied like the other places.  

Candi then asked what we were looking for in a dog.  She listened attentively, then said you pick two dogs and I have a third in mind.  

The first dog we picked, one look and my daughter said, “Oh, he is the one!” He had the softest fur, sweetest eyes. Candi sat him on the ground and he bounced off the walls, jumped over the chair and my daughter, onto the windowsill ledge and knocked the treat container off the ledge.  He then began chasing the container relentlessly around the room.  We giggled, looked at each other and said, “No way!”

Then came our second choice.  Beyond adorable! His name was Stevie, he had the biggest ears and smallest German Shepherd face.  He tilted his head, sat on my feet and leaned into me.  I was sold!  My daughter however couldn’t get him to play, he had no interest in playing.  We took him outside and he just wanted to be by me.  I fell in love.  My daughter however felt it would be my dog, not ours.

So we agreed to see a third dog and to let Candi surprise us with one that was not on the website.  He came in with his head on Candi’s shoulder.  He peeked up and looked at my daughter, then me.  Candi placed him on the ground and he came and laid between us, looking back and forth between us.  He retrieved toys, cuddled on our laps.  He napped on the dog bed.  My daughter looked at me and said he was perfect, I agreed!!

We took him outside and spent more time with him.  Candi found us.  She told us she talked to Jim about our circumstances and that if my parents agreed as homeowners with us getting a puppy, and our application was approved we could adopt him.

I cried, my daughter cried.  

We waited as Candi called my mom to ask if a dog was allowed.   She said yes!  We filled out the paperwork!  Approved!  But then, payment time came.  I asked how much a deposit would be, and said I’d have to come back in a few weeks that we only had the $225 with us, as we have been driving around with it in the glove box for weeks.  

That’s when Candi began to explain that Jim would work with us to make sure we could afford the little guy and take him home immediately. She said Jim was giving him a nail trim as we speak.  My daughter and I cried. 

I never did get to meet Jim, as he was busy with the newest arrivals.  I never got to personally thank him, but I did call him that week to tell him how amazing Huntley was, and how Jim blessed our family with his kindness!

Huntley (formerly known as Rex) was only three-months old.  He stole our hearts!  He is a miracle indeed.  Within a few months we realized he senses my epilepsy and alerts me before an episode.  After an episode he curls up alongside my head and doesn’t let me move.  He also alerts to both of my parents about their diabetes, especially when my mom’s blood sugar drops in the middle of the night.  He leaves my room, goes to hers and wakes her up.  If she doesn’t wake he barks until the whole house is awake!

Huntley should probably have been named Humpley, since he humps everything!

Huntley has a special place in my heart.  He helps with my anxiety, depression, seizures, and he is so patient on days that I simply cannot move.  

As we approach his 1st Gotcha Day, I am forever grateful for NEW Pawsibilities.  I am grateful for them believing in happy endings, believing that not all situations are equal, and believing love is enough!

With love and gratitude,