Growing up we always seemed to have a stray dog hanging around. I have to applaud my mom because despite having eight kids and being a single mom when one of my brothers came home with a dog with no collar or take and said, “Can we keep him?” the answer was always yes. If it was warmish weather the dog slept on the porch or in the yard and if it was truly too cold for a dog into my brothers’ bed they would go.
Despite all those dogs, and I can remember at least five of them, I never connected with any dog while growing up. In a busy household such as ours, there was always some chore, homework, and as I got older school activities and part-time jobs.
My children talked me into a dog and it was a disaster. Now I know it was timing more than the dog and it was lack of training most of all. It was also the breed and our small house and not being able to give him all the time and exercise he needed.
But then I found Coconut at NEW PAWSibilities. This time it was the right time, the right dog, the right circumstance, and I gave my heart to this bundle of happiness without hesitation.
After my wreck and the move away from sun and beauty and a life I loved, it was hard being in Wisconsin. Nothing against Oshkosh, but it was not any place I’d ever thought of besides those overalls my kids wore. But my son was here with his son and so we moved.
I learned that adult kids and their kids have lives and you don’t see them as much as you thought you would. And all the baggage and pain you brought from home were still there waiting to pull you down. But this time I had someone who needed me, someone who had that exuberant love each and every day. No matter what, Coconut went to bed happy and woke up happy. The simple act of going out to walk the dog, to greet neighbors along our way, of visiting the dog park or going to dog-friendly stores and restaurants made me begin to look at Oshkosh and Fox Valley and see that there is beauty here despite not being anything like home.
Coconut was the first dog I gave my heart to and never looked back and I can truly say that he has changed my life despite the cost, the ruined drapes, and always having to consider his needs over mine. What I discovered is that by giving him my heart he’s made me a better person and opened up opportunities that have made living here better than I thought better.
Who was the first dog you gave your heart to? How did it change you? And then comes the next and most important question. Are you ready to give your heart to one of our rescue dogs who are so ready to open their hearts to you?
We have fifteen dogs from a little puppy to an eight-year-old puppy who are all ready to love you as you’ve never been loved before. Please come in and meet them and see if you have the room, the budget, the time, and the willingness to add a dog to your home. Adopting a rescue dog is one of the best things you’ll do this year.