“We adopted Luna (formerly Sasha) at the beginning of May last year. We originally came in to look at Jake a Corgi/Golden mix because we wanted a dog smaller than our Mac who is a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix. We didn’t, however, plan on leaving with a lapdog, especially a 100 lb. Great Dane but we are so glad we did. She quickly learned the rules of the house – like no dogs on the furniture. She was so quiet the first three days that the first time she barked because someone was at the door it scared us a bit. That bark, however, let us know she recognized this as her new home.
Luna is the biggest snuggle bug and fits in perfectly to our laid back household – you just have to watch out for her twice a day zoomies where she becomes a miniature tornado for a minute or two.
Thank you for all that your team does.” — Dominic Mancl