Yesterday Coconut and I took two one-hour walks and then a thirty-minute walk. The poor boy was so tuckered out that all he wanted to do was to find a shade tree, roll around in the grass, and then watch the world go by. Until he smelled what a homeowner said was a dead animal under her house. Then Coconut had tons of energy. No, we did not go and retrieve the carcass so that he could roll all over the stink. Why do they do that anyway?

We walked in some new directions and there were some beautiful homes with very detailed landscaping. As a novice to gardening in Wisconsin, I’m thinking some of these people don’t do anything except pull weeds! But it certainly is lovely to walk by and see such beauty.

How can anyone be hateful when they are getting exercise on a sunny and breezy day while being surrounded by something new with every step? There were so many unique plants and colors, laughing kids in wading pools, the smell of grilling meat, and families paying tribute to their dads.

Coconut found a dog biscuit and several people took the time to greet him. No one offered me ribs. The day would have been better with ribs.

I think being outside doing physical work or walking or just hanging with the family makes everyone less angry.

A few weeks ago a couple adopted this utterly adorable puppy! They sent me this picture with permission to post it here. Axle is cute. But Axle in a wheelbarrow? Priceless!