One of the wonderful things about times of stress like we are all experiencing is that we frequently have angels among us. Some people step up to the challenge of being kinder than usual. They don’t do the big splashy donations or broadcast their giving to all who can hear. No, angels are not usually braggarts, they aren’t in it for themselves. In fact, true angels are kind of like dogs. They do what they do because that’s how they are programmed.
Dogs love. That is their number one job. Yes, they play and eat and poop and all the other dog stuff that makes them dogs, but their number one job is to love.
Staying at home or going to work as an essential worker when times are stressed and people are short if hard. No, that’s too weak of an adjective. You decide which word works for you when describing how it’s been for you to have your world knocked off of its axis.
But though our lives are off-kilter and we don’t know our next step as a nation or a world, we have angels among us. Dogs let us cry and yell when we lose our jobs or our unemployment doesn’t come through or we have health problems that have nothing to do with COVID-19. They love us when we can’t hang out with our friends or travel or see hour grandchildren. They don’t care about our hair or nails or the fact that we might not have worn a bra or shaved for two months.
Some angels choose fur instead of wings and we are happy to have fifteen furry angels today to be your angel throughout these crazy times and into the new norm.
Because here’s the deal. When you adopt a dog you are signing a contract that says that you will love that dog as much as he loves you. If he chews you will teach him not to When he poops in the house you will clean it up and learn his signals. You will give him nutritious food and clean water. You’ll be his world and not just for today but forever, even when he’s but a memory in your heart, and you’re left with a cell phone full of pictures.
If you are looking to have and to be an angel then please come in and meet the ones we have today. We don’t know when we will get more but we know there’s a perfect match for every dog here.