We love PAWSitive Endings and this is a great one, Thank you to Sarah for writing about her girl. THIS is why we do what we do!
Dear NEW PAWSibilities staff,
My household adopted Dixie Rose from you in April 2016. Despite some initial struggles and insecurities, she has become the heart of our home. I know shelters don’t always get updates or the thanks that they’re due but I believe it’s important that you know how she’s grown in the past four years.
This beautiful girl started a scared wreck, afraid of every new person, and unsure of her surroundings. Now shes the epitome of a confident German Shepherd, she’s even gained the title of a service animal and spends time bringing joy to the elderly and disabled alike.
She shares her home with two cats and is gentle with creatures she’s never seen before, like ferrets. 😇 She cares for them as though they’re her own pups. Thank you for our heart. — Sarah Robertson