A few months ago we got a dog in that was named Kennedy. We see a lot of shy dogs but Kennedy could have won the blue-ribbon shyness award.
My grandson loves to come in and play with the dogs and one Saturday we met Kennedy. This little dog would not come out from under the bench. With treats and constant touch, he came out and promptly peed on Lucien’s shirt. That did not deter him at all. We came back the next day and Lucien was able to cuddle the little dog but it was still not the usual exuberant puppy.
And then entered Brittany Hovorka. She and her husband had already adopted Tucker from us and decided it was time to get a puppy. Here’s her story and we are so glad she came in and found Kennedy. She even added a picture of Lucien trying to work with this shy little boy.
“Hello! Almost two months ago we adopted little Kennedy…who we renamed to Kobe! He was super shy and the first few days were rough. He was shy and didn’t eat much and didn’t want to be near us when we brought him home. We went through a lot of treats and it wasn’t easy, but seeing him now after only two months is the most rewarding thing ever! Kobe loves his big brother, and loves snuggling his mom and dad! Strangers still brings out his shyness every now and then, but its nothing a few more treats won’t fix! We can’t wait to see what is in store for Kobe, but I wanted to give you an update, as he has come so far!!!!
I remember he wouldn’t even take a treat from me! We knew him and our other rescue from New PAWSibilities Tucker would get along great and they do!
Last one, just because we never thought he’d love to snuggle!
Thank you guys so much. Our other pup Tucker was like this too and it didn’t take long…he’s the most social dog I know! Kobe will get there in no time! Thank you guys again!”
How awesome is this PAWSitive Ending? Thank you to the Hovorka for adopting two dogs and helping them to feel safe and secure and for showing them that love is possible.