Was that a wild three days of adoption or what? We are beyond grateful for all the people who came to meet dogs, those who adopted one, and those who spread the word.

About an hour after closing on Saturday I got a Facebook message from someone a few hours away asking about two dogs. Their application had been approved and they wanted to come on Sunday morning to meet the dogs. No problem but I did explain it was a first-come, first visit situation and she assured me they would be there the minute we opened.

I told her while these two were great dogs it’s always best to let the dog choose his new person and that sharing about their situation and desires with the adoption counselor would help. I explained that we walked into NEW PAWS thinking we wanted a larger dog, a female, certain breeds, and walked out with the 100% perfect dog who was nothing like what we said we wanted. In all fairness, it was my husband who wanted a certain dog. I didn’t want a dog at all.

We met three dogs and it was obvious that none of them were “the one.” Jim asked what I wanted in a dog and when I told him about my situation he said he had the perfect dog and, as it turns out, he did.

Guess what? Yesterday they got a dog! And as it turns out they had a plan of one of two dogs and came home with a totally different dog. How cool is that? They applied, reached out, they were willing to listen and learn, and they fell in love with Rover now known as Porter. Look at the sign! How cool.

Congratulations and we are humbled to have been part of the process to help you find your best friend.


“We can’t thank you enough for this opportunity and for making our dreams come true! It’s been a smooth transition and we are so in love!! Thank you for the timeliness of your application process and for welcoming us early this morning 💙💚💜
One happy pup. We have named him Porter 🍺” — Hayley Awe