When we rescue dogs we do it for different reasons. Our dogs have had a hard start in their lives and yet they are generally the ones who rescue us. Amazing how that works. Thank you to all of our Kentucky to Oshkosh to Home dogs! Here are a few of them.

“This is our crazy coonhound (Minnie) we got from NEW Paws in January 2013. She has been a challenge but soooo worth every grey hair!” – Diane Murawski-Hinz

“My son’s adopted rescue from down south This is OTIS! Walker TREEING coon purebred.” Also Maggie came with Otis, they were at the same rescue home.– Jan Kennedy






“This is Lilly. She’s our NEW Pawsibilities rescue from Kentucky. Thank you for saving these dogs!!” – Angela Blibrey

“Our sweet NEW Paws baby, Zoey! Formerly Prissy, we adopted her in December of 2013 “ — Kati Jo Gosz






“Wilson came from Kentucky from New Pawsibilities. Now he’s TDI certified for 3 years.” – Heidi Peura





“My Kentucky baby. We got him when he was 2, now he’s 7. He’s the best buddy. ❤️”— Ally Yungwirth





“Our wonderful family addition ‘Amber’. Thanks for what you do to share the love and save their lives.”–Mary Jo Celichowski




“Here is Lottie…previously known as Zema at N.E.W. she is also from Kentucky. Our beautiful southern gal! Thank you N.E.W. for all you do!” –Becky Sabelko




“Lila and Becca came to us 2 years ago from New Paws. They had arrived from Kentucky in pretty rough shape, in fact…I remember being told they weren’t even sure they would make it! Can’t imagine life without them!” – Melissa Flom Alaniz