Another PAWSitive Ending!
From what I can tell, Lauren Phillips adopted Foxy, previously known as Renee, about the same time we adopted Coconut. I can tell I need to do some work with my dog to get him to Foxy’s level!
This is the update she sent a few weeks post adoption.
“Just a quick upset on Foxy (Renee). She is definitely at home with us. Still barkey, but we are working on it and she hasn’t shown any aggression towards our daughter, Graci so I’m no longer concerned. Foxy is getting pretty good about going outside to potty, she knows what to do when I say “go potty”. Unfortunately, we do have a potty hot spot in the house from the previous dog and if Foxy gains access to that room she will potty there. A work in progress, we have to catch her in the act so she knows it’s not ok to potty there. Not concerned- we’ll get there.”
Earlier this week Lauren sent some pictures and videos and Foxy is an inspiration.
“Foxy (Renee) the Feist has come a long way since I adopted her in Sept! Never had a dog like this (super smart and eager to please), so I thought I would give her a try in agility.”
Thank you,
Lauren Phillips