One of my favorite musicals is Oliver complete with a song called Food, Glorious Food! I imagine if my dog could sing that would be one he sang every day. Food is serious business to my dog and yours as well I would imagine.

At NEW PAWSibilities we work with an organization called Rescue Bank, think food bank for pets. The food is donated by many manufacturers and so we don’t have just one food to tell you to purchase when you walk out with your bundle of joy.

These are some of the high protein nutritious foods we really like for our dogs and there’s a good chance that your dog is eating a combination of these. As always, we do suggest doing your research, talking to your vet or a reputable pet food store, and buying in the smallest quantity to start. Once you find the right food you can buy a larger bag.

Fromms Family Foods



Natural Balance


Taste of the Wild

Rachel Ray Nutrish

But it’s really all about the poop. When I brought my dog home he barely ate or drank. Now I know it was all about adjustment and not about me doing anything wrong. We went to the pet store and bought what the clerk recommended. The second day he started to eat and he inhaled the food so quickly I thought he would choke. We took him out later that day and he pooped. Now, it wasn’t the healthy chocolate brown easy to pick up with a bag kind of poop. No, it was a stream of sickly colored diarrhea of some color I’d never seen in the Crayon box. I panicked.

I called NEW PAWS and spoke with Jim and he assured me this was not unusual. He suggested what I’ve since learned is the universal meal when a puppy or an adult dog is suffering from doggy diarrhea; boiled chicken and rice. It’s about as bland as can be, dogs will still eat it, and it’s gentle on the tummy. After a day or two begin adding in the high protein dog food and phasing out the chicken and rice. At some point, your dog will be eating the dog food and you’ll be able to easily picking up poop instead of handfuls of leaves to cover the mess. Don’t judge me!

How much, how often, and what brand are questions that we get asked all the time when it comes to food. Some people open feed, kind of like letting the dog be at an all-day buffet, while others have strict meal times and your dog will let you know if you are off by five minutes.

Here is a really good article called Food Measuring Math: Learn How Much to Feed a Dog from I’ve overfed, underfed, had horrible poops, and my dog is still healthy and at the perfect vet-suggested weight. Responsible owners ask questions, change the way they are doing things, learn from their mistakes, and finally settle into what works for them.