My last dog came from KY as an 11-week old puppy. I did a DNA test on him. It came back that he was so mixed they could not determine breeds except for a little Rottweiler, Akita, and GSD. He lived until about 6 weeks shy of 14, and never met an enemy.” – Julie Dushenski Yost



This is Koda! We got her from NEW PAWS, too, and we love her so so much! 💙💙 thank you for what you do! — Keisha Stuart”




“This is Riley my 7-year-old beagle mix that came from Kentucky.” — Lori Footit


“Our beautiful Lola from KY. ❤️” — Crystal Kasuboski





My Rocky (Andre) from Kentucky-NEW Pawsabilites.. such a great pup! 🐾🐶😍 – Karen Marie





“Our loving girl Lily was a Kentucky dog from a high kill shelter. We are thankful to N.E.W. Possibilities for rescuing her. She is making up for lost love time, is loving life with her sisters Harper and Scout and her moms Sally and me.” – Chris Zingler



“Mylah was adopted from new possibilities and we love her death. We were told she is a boxer mix which we still believe, but we also see German Shepard in her. She is also shorter than either of those two breeds but we wouldn’t trade her in for anything. She is sassy and that has melted our hearts even more. Thank you for giving us a wonderful companion and best friend.” — Kellis Sly


“Our sweet KY boy, Greg, is our N.E.W PAWSisbilities pooch! Crazy in love with him!!!” – Karolyn Bald




“Both of ours are from Kentucky :) The white/black shar-pei/terrier mix and the all black a shar-pei/lab mix… both hate baths.” – Yennifer Rose




“My dog Rylie from Kentucky and adopted from N. E. W. PAWSibilities.” ♥️ — Carmen Zurawski





“My girl Willow thank you for all you do for the Kentucky dogs!”– Stacy Haas






“My N.E.W. Pawsibilities dogs Millie and Max from KY.” – Sara VacCleef Gold