These are two true stories. I’ve had a few incidents as Coconut’s mom but nothing as bad as these.
The first one happened this week and the second many years ago. We have some adorable puppies ready to be adopted and we hope they will be home before the Packers’ game on Sunday. We also want to tell you these stories as a cautionary tale and we hope that everyone who adopts a dog no matter what age will remember that training classes and routines are our friends when it comes to integrating a new dog into our families. We love our dogs and we want to keep them safe and healthy and happy.
And laughter is the best medicine.
The Black Friday Nightmare
Earlier this week my friend posted a story on her site. Names and photos are not included to protect the horrified. My friend loves Black Friday. She makes her lists, checks them twice (or more), gets newspaper inserts to compare, plans her route, and goes our convinced that she’ll be done shopping. It’s like an Olympic event.
This year was an even better year than she could have imagined and she came home tired but happy with her haul. She knew the family was out of the house per her instructions and so she closeted herself in the bedroom and wrapped every gift and stashed them in a closet ready to move on to decorating and baking. The perfect Black Friday!
One Monday she rushed out to work after taking her dog out for his morning walk and leaving food and water as usual. Her dog was a well-trained dog who had graduated from the kennel and usually spent his day on the sofa sleeping as do most adult dogs left to their own devices.
But not that Monday. In her rush to get to work, she left her bedroom door open and unlocked. Her family knew she had found their gifts and, in the past, there had been some peeking so she now locked her door which kept the cache of gifts safe from peering eyes and anxious kids.
Yeah, you know the rest of the story. Turns out in those gifts were several boxes of candy and her dog has a keen sense of smell which he followed into the bedroom. And what to his wandering eye did appear but a closet door not totally latched. My poor friend came home to an epic Black Friday Shopping Nightmare.
Every. Single. Gift. Every gift had been torn into, boxes chewed, sweaters destroyed, candy eaten, and on and on.
So here’s the good news. Despite the candy and whatever else he ate her dog is healthy as can be. The bad news? Very little could be salvaged from her shopping excursion. The best news? She still would not trade her dog for the world.