The other day I decided to listen to some Queen for writing inspiration. Gotta love Amazon Prime for variety.

Then the song Somebody to Love came on and everything stopped. I started crying thinking about all the dogs we have who need homes. What if they could sing these words? Okay, dogs don’t really sing. But if they did, and we had it so that people in the lobby could hear, then I bet our featured dogs would be in their new homes tonight.

“Can anybody find me, somebody, to love?

Somebody (somebody) ooh somebody (somebody)

Can anybody find me, somebody, to love?”

Because at the end of the day that is all that we all want whether we are a dog or a person. We all need somebody to love.

Why not listen to this song while you read about our featured dogs? We never euthanize dogs who have not been adopted but we know that all of our dogs deserve a lifelong, loving home where they will be loved and adored.

Sometimes people are unable to adopt a dog at this time in their life but they are still committed to helping each dog find a forever home. Thanks to generous donations a portion of these dog’s adoption fees have been underwritten to help make it more affordable for someone to adopt them.

Each featured dog is healthy and ready to live a wonderful new life, all are appropriately vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, and given flea and tick preventatives. The fee also includes spay/neuter surgery and they microchipped for identification if your dog is ever lost.

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At NEW PAWSibilities we believe every dog deserves a loving, lifelong home. If you are interested in full or partial sponsorship of a dog or sponsoring training classes to help a dog become more adoptable please contact us at [email protected]