Today is International Celebrate Redhead Day. We have an annual black dog day. We just had a Chihuahua day and there are special days for pit bulls, and poodles, and pretty much any kind of dog you can imagine.
When I went looking for an emotional support dog a specific breed never came to mind. I think it’s because I had so little experience with dogs. I was actually quite negative about even getting one so what kind of breed was not on the top of my list. We ended up with a beautiful Shepherd/Mix who is perfect for me.

When we went in to look for a second dog we were thinking of a Shih Tzu or other smaller breeds because that was the kind that my husband had when I met him. It never dawned on me that I should or could hold out and get another Shepherd/Mix. You know why? There’s only one Coconut!
Instead of looking at the small pup we thought we might want we went with a dog I knew to be more active than common sense would dictate. Whenever I tell someone that Mele is a Jack Russell Terrier/Mix they all have stories about activity level, chewing problems, and other issues. When I explain that the second dominant breed is a Pharoh Hound they have nothing to say. I’m thinking that’s where she gets her otherwise unexplainable loud bark.

We have had people say they don’t want the Husky/Mix because she’s black and they wanted white. Some people refuse to even look at a black dog. The list is endless why people won’t take a dog that seems to really connect with them. We all come with our history. Maybe someone got bitten by a black dog as a child. Good for them to even be willing to get a dog! We know that she won’t get bitten by a dog because of the color. A white dog is not more likely to chew. And brown dog won’t keep trying to escape. Unless it’s Coconut.

The thing to remember is that when we adopt these dogs, regardless of the color, the size, the age, or the breed they become part of our family.
I look at my brown dog with his giant eyes and overly-friendly personality. Then I look at this rather odd-looking brilliant white dog with her tiny eyes and the russet colored eye patch and I know that in people and in dogs family comes in every shade of love.

We have every shade, every size, many breeds, and all different ages, activity levels, and pretty much anything you could ever want in a dog.
What color of love do you need to make your family complete? We’re open seven days a week and we’d love to help you choose the perfect family member.