Not only is today National Grandparents Day but it’s also my grandson’s eighth birthday and my anniversary. Big celebrations happening today.
Yesterday Lucien wanted to come with me to pick up Coconut from daycare, dogs and extensive yard work do not work well together, and we arrived around 4:15. Of course, his ulterior motive was to see more dogs.

“Grandma, since it’s my birthday tomorrow do you think my dad will get me a dog?” Not one to give false hope I explained that Dad said no dog but that he can always come and play with Grandma’s dog and go with her to work to meet dogs whenever he wants.

Our first dog was Sassy, our poster girl for National Beard Day yesterday. Our groomer did some magic so her beard is not as pronounced but she is still adorable. She was so gentle and sweet and those eyes were deeper than looking into the lake on a murky day.

He decided to meet Kennedy next, although for some reason I kept calling him Cinnamon which sounds nothing like Kennedy. That made Lucien scream with laughter every time I made the mistake. I started doing it on purpose just to hear that delightful laugh.

Kennedy was so shy and wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and hide from us. Instead of grabbing him and trying to make him cuddle Lucien reached under the bench and just stroked Kennedy over and over murmuring in a low voice how much he loved him. Talk about a precious sight.

When it seemed enough time had passed I lifted the bench up and Lucien cuddled the poor, tremoring boy, and sat in the newly positioned bench. He knew the exact words to say, the pressure of stroking to use, and he never gave up. Kennedy stopped shaking as he leaned into Lucien’s chest. Then it came. That big, deep, sign of contentment.

As the clock edged closer to closing time I warned Lucien we had to give Kennedy back to Candi so he could get put to bed. He was not the happiest little almost-eight-year-old boy but neither was Kennedy happy to leave the safety of such loving arms. This little four-month-old Retriever, Labrador/Mix snuggled in deeper for the last few minutes until we had no choice but to go.

“Can we come back tomorrow, Grandma?”

“You mean after your party? If we do that we can’t go to the dog park. It has to be one or the other,” I explained.

“I want to come and see Kennedy again.”

“We can come tomorrow but don’t be surprised if he’s not here. He might be adopted and gone to his new home already.”

A slow smile slid onto his face and then he said, “Even better.”

This time Grandma did not bring her phone so there are no pictures to make your heart melt. Trust me, I’ll be bringing the camera today just in case Kennedy is still here today and I’ll post them tomorrow. I have to be honest when I say, we both hope Kennedy is gone and I’ll have no proof of that touching scene between a little boy and a dog.