I posted a story about Coconut on my personal Facebook page and my brother-in-law said how much he missed his dog. I told him when the weather’s better he could take a road trip from Traverse City and come and meet some dogs and I’d help him choose one.
He said he will never be able to get another dog because the goodbye process of a much-loved dog is too much to do again.
I’ve never had my own dog who I loved this much. I can’t begin to imagine what I will do when it’s time to say goodbye. I’m 65 this year and we tend to have family longevity. Unless I drink myself to death living here in Wisconsin, freeze one winter, or have an accident or cancer I will likely outlive my dog. That’s a horrible thought for me.
We see both kinds of people here. We get people donating toys that were barely used, unopened dog food, and more after the death of a beloved pet. Some say they will never have a dog again. it’s simply too hard to go through the grieving process. I understand and respect that decision. Then there are those who find a home without a dog impossible to imagine. Within weeks of saying goodbye they are visiting a dog they saw on our website and they are once again in love and their home is balanced.
Author Dean Koontz said, “Once you have a wonderful dog a life without one is diminished.”
There’s no right or wrong. You’ll know if our when you need to add a dog into your household. And you’ll know who that dog is when you find them. We are here waiting for you because we have wonderful dogs.
Dogs add so much love and joy and entertainment to your life.